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Do you have a pain in your forefoot that feels like there is a pebble in your shoe? Do you have pain with tight shoes?

You could have a Morton’s neuroma. This is a very common foot problem and one usually has swelling or inflammation, and pain which occurs at the forefoot/ball of the foot between the 3rd and 4th toes (metatarsals). Pain can be described differently, but usually it is sharp and burning and one can have a numbness at the area at times. One can also experience tingling and cramping with the neuroma.

So what are the causes of Morton’s neuroma? It is an abnormal functioning of the foot which aggravates the nerve. Typically squeezing and rubbing of the nerve between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal heads. Pain typically occurs while you are putting pressure on the area or after you have done so (ex: exercise, walking, standing, jumping). Morton’s neuroma can also be caused poor footwear and shoes. Pointed shoes and/or high heels may cause a neuroma. Tight shoes particularly in the forefoot or midfoot can lead to a neuroma and aggravate the condition by pinching the nerve leading to significant pain.

There are many non-surgical treatments of Morton’s neuroma. First, good shoe gear with a high and wide toe box that is not too constricting is important. An orthotic designed metatarsal pad may help alleviate the pressure on the area as well that is caused by the neuroma. A podiatrist may also give a cortisone injection to calm the neuroma down. Alcohol sclerosing agents are also used sometimes as well but require multiple treatments. Surgical treatments are a last resort for neuromas and an MRI is typically ordered to evaluate the neuroma. A surgical podiatrist may then take you to the operating room to remove the neuroma.

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