9/27/2015: Why home health care?

-Dr. Sean Reyes, Las Vegas Podiatrist 24/7 Foot Doctor

In the 80s and 90s most doctors had their own private practice. It was a doctors dream... to open up your own practice, make your own hours, be your own boss, have a staff that works for you like a well oiled machine. But medicine has changed. A lot, and not for the better. Nowadays most doctors with a private practice will not thrive as they find themselves needing to join a group to succeed. Doctors now are being forced to see more and more patients as they face declining reimbursement from insurance companies. With more patients comes less time to spend with each patient. A typical podiatrist see's 25-70 patients a day. As a resident we often saw 50-60 patients a day. It's reported that the average doctor spends less than 8 minutes with a patient.

Just think about this, you schedule an appointment which can sometimes take months to get in, you drive to the doctors office (~20 minutes), you search for parking and walk to the office (~10-15 minutes), you wait in the waiting room after checking in (~45-90 minutes), you finally get brought back to the room only to find several people from nurses to medical assistants come in and out of the room while you're left to wait again....all alone...cold...searching your phone or playing candy crush.... finally another 30-60 minutes pass and the doctor finally comes in! But, only for about 7-8 minutes. Now when your finished you have to check out, reschedule, walk to your car, and drive home. Not to mention you probably had to take a day off work to see the doctor since most doctors are 9-5 on weekdays.

Home health care with a cash only doctor solves this problem. Why? Because the doctor treats you at your house and a lot of people don't want to pay anything for their health care. This in turn creates a decreased patient load and increased amount of time for the patient. I'm from Ohio, and I had great insurance from my job but even I still paid out of pocket for my doctor because he was that good and spent time explaining things to me. I  paid $350 for my initial visit. He spent over an hour one on one with me addressing my concerns and answering my questions.  It was quality care. Was it expensive? Yes, but it's my health and you can't put a price on your health.

With me, my goal is to provide the absolute best care and treatment for my patients in an atmosphere most comfortable for them. I can't do this in 8 minutes. I am a doctor that gives my cell phone number to my patients. When you call me you speak to me...not some receptionist that puts you on hold or some machine with 10 different options to choose from. I am always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I spend a full hour or more with my patients, one on one, explaining and treating my patients. It goes beyond just saving time, it's about quality. So would you rather be a statistic in a doctors office where you spend less than 8 minutes with the doctor, or would you rather have a meaningful doctor/patient relationship where he spends a full hour addressing every question and need you have?